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The database is a simple generated json file containing the APIs marked as deprecated and deleted.

It can be downloaded from here.

Generating my own database

In case you want to generate your own data.json file, follow the steps below. We use a container image so the whole step can be reproduced locally.

  1. Clone/Download this repository, and build the container on generator/ directory
    git clone
    docker build -t generator -f generator/Dockerfile generator
  2. Generate the data.json
    docker run generator > data.json
    Generator uses the latest stable Kubernetes API version, if you want the latest dev version you should run as:
    docker run -e VERSION=master generator > data.json
  3. Securely move the json file to your Air-Gapped environment, to the folder of your choosing. This folder will be used by kubepug.
  4. Execute kubepug with the option database, like this
    kubepug --k8s-version=v1.22 --database=location/of/your/data.json